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If you are looking for a Top Quality Certified Public Accountant (CPA) based on knowledge, experience and value — I have found your CPA!

When it comes to good Minneapolis CPA’s, I have found one that is near the top.

Tools of the Certified Public AccountantThis Twin Cities Certified Public Accountant firm provides a wide assortment of accounting services including, tax return filing, tax planning services, business tax return filing, financial planning, investment review, estate & gift planning, business problem solving, tax record-keeping, and family day-care taxes.

Get a professional Maple Grove MN CPA to look over and protect your most important financial assetsI want a Twin Cities CPA that is:
1. Knowledgeable
2. Honest
3. Respected
4. Affordable
5. Attentive to detail
6. Is going to be there for me every year
7. Someone I’m comfortable working with

I can personally attest that my CPA has all of these admirable professional attributes!

Who is he?

Tim Tjaden CPA 763-425-1410

Maple Grove Minnesota Accountant
When you call, Remind Tim that you would like to receive a Free Introductory Consultation when you have your initial sit-down meeting with him.

Tim’s office is located right in Osseo, close to the Maple Grove, MN area of the Twin Cities. And new clients are welcome.

He meets all the requirements of a top quality Minneapolis accountant, plus he’s got reasonable prices and he’s a nice guy as well.

You can visit Tim’s website to get more information.

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